Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Blogger: Josie Morgan

Dearest Laila,

               I first want to tell you, you are a beautiful, strong, smart young women. I can remember as if it was yesterday when I first saw you, you just moved down the street and you were riding your bike. You would ride back and forth to our truck than back to your house. I was amused by how fast your little legs where going on your big wheel. I was eager to put Samantha on her bike to ride along with you, but she was too young and inexperienced to ride her bike. A few weeks later, I met you mom and our families have blossomed together.    

               I also recall that horrible day, I found out the news of your sky rocketing blood sugar. We were at a playdate and your mom called crying, asking if I could watch Kenadi and Dustin so she could collect your items while you spent a few days at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. That day seemed dark, unreal and almost liked it was a blur. Although, by the end of the day you were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes you kept smiling as if your world has opened a new door to new possibilities and adventures.

               The months following, I have noticed you haven’t allowed diabetes to slow you down. I believe you have done the opposite, you have shown the world you can do anything you put your little heart to. When you’re feeling sad or frustrated just remember there are people around you who love you and care about you very much. One thing I want you to remember is please do not label yourself as "Laila, the girl with diabetes", but the opposite. I truly believe you are so much more than this and do not this want ugly disease to define who you are. Dream big!!
Love, Josie 

P.S. I will always have the good cheese for you!

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