Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week: Post #6

Education is the key to survival with diabetes. Check your sugar, check it often, and pay attention to the patterns. There are always patterns. 

This post is titled "Saturday Snapshot". Rather than take new photos today, I decided to revisit some of the ones we've taken in the past. I love looking back upon where we've been, it gives me hope and encouragement to the future knowing we've come so far.

This was a 3 month supply of syringes, pen needles, and ketone strips.
This is just a fraction of Laila's supplies.

High sugars make for a sad Laila.

Giving herself an injection, Laila is very independent. 

Rule of 15: 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates,
retest 15 minutes later. 

The beginning of a long evening.

Unknown trouble!

*Not the highest we've ever seen, but still scary.

Hopes of relief!

Glad to see a number below 500

This is scary low. 

This dancer has diabetes!

One of my rules is Laila must always have some type
of identification on. Always.

Ready for a swim? Not just yet!

Endocrinology visits every 3 months.

High sugars feel awful.

Time for a pump site change!

This is a special necklace I had made for Laila.
The back identifies her, that she's a type 1,
and she wears an insulin pump.

This is Laila's favorite place to wear her pump.
Right in her back pocket!
Another sad face. Starburst to the rescue!

This is one of my favorite photos.
I still do 2am checks. Religiously.
A middle of the night snack with my baby.
I hope these photos shed some life onto the ups and downs of the diabetes roller coaster, there's rarely a moment where the first thing out of my mouth doesn't have to do with diabetes. I have hopes and dreams of a cure one day. Until that day comes, we'll keep checking. Knowledge is power.


  1. Wow! Amazing how much those pictures tell us.

  2. Thanks for giving all this information! The more you know...the more you can help! And the less stupid questions you ask;) Love you both!

  3. Sometimes it is hard to look at those pics with the super high numbers....and all those lancets! A lot of people only think about what you can do to bring it down...but don't consider how many times you have to test during that time! Laila, you're so brave! I love you! xoxo


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