Friday, May 18, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week: Post #2

I'm writing this blog for Laila, with the hopes that one day she can look back and remember where she's been, and see where she will one day be. At only 6, she knows no different than to just take the blows as they come. For this, I'm grateful.

The second post in this series is titled: "One Great Thing". This post is about one great thing you do when it comes to managing your diabetes. Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate doing well. Even though I help Laila when it comes to managing her diabetes, I think it's only fair that not just I be praised, but Laila as well. To say she's independent, strong, intelligent, those words don't cover the amazing person she really is. She's much more than those things; to me, she'll always be my baby.

Diabetes is a scary unknown. There are facts out there, and like any math equation, there are right and wrong answers. When it comes to the grey areas, the questions with no real concrete answer, there is only one way to survive-arm yourself with knowledge. Make an educated guess. Take a chance and follow up. I may not be the one with diabetes, but I will stop at nothing to make sure Laila is as healthy as possible. The one thing I like to think I'm the best at when it comes to diabetes management is being prepared. I make Laila check her sugar, and I make her check it often. I chart her numbers, I memorize the carbohydrates for food she likes, I read books, I always have extra supplies, I am prepared. Never has a doctor visit come and gone where I didn't leave the office feeling satisfied that I've done my very best to ensure her health and safety.

Laila has tackled this disease head on. The times she complains are few and far between, and it makes my heart swell knowing how well she's handled this from day one. I could list every little thing Laila does well when it comes to her diabetes, but the one thing that stands out more than anything is her independence. Within just a few short weeks of diagnosis, she was giving herself injections. After switching from syringes to an insulin pen, she completely took over her shots, and now completely owns her pump. I sit by, idly, and watch as she meticulously changes her site, checks her own sugars, and measures her snacks. She's so wise beyond her years, and I think she's off to a great start. Nothing has slowed her down, and not a single person in this house is going to let diabetes get in the way of our lives, it's just a stepping stone to greatness.

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  1. You're in inspiration, so involved and on top of things. Joli, I am confidant that Laila is who she is and will be because of you!


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