Friday, May 18, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week: Post #4

I hate admitting this, but I lack in the imagination department. I'm not one for fantasy worlds, creatures, alternative lifestyles, and I have a terrible time creating things in my own mind. Thank heavens for books, blogs, and magazines, or I'd be one stiff individual.

The title of this post is: "Fantasy Diabetes Device". Assuming this device isn't capable of creating or sustaining a cure for diabetes, and Laila already has the next best thing-an insulin pump-I've got to pull something out of the woodwork here and really make this device fantastic.

If I could create a device for Laila, and all the other diabetics out there, to make their life just a little easier, this is what it would do:

*Photo recognition: this bad ass machine of mine would be able to, with its built in camera, take a digital photo and be able to scan and calculate the number of carbs in any food, anywhere, anytime. The sky's the limit here, folks, no more staring at bowls of pasta with uncertainty, buffets will no longer be a death trap, birthday parties and mom & pop restaurants will be calling your name.

*Lifetime battery life: solar energy is the way to go with this little device, it's going to charge itself from the sun every day, and last forever. No more supporting Energergizer every time the batter runs low, just step outside for a breather and a quick recharge.

*Voice recognition: they can do it with phones, they can surely do it with diabetes. you should be able to talk to this little machine, more like a personal assistant than a diabetes device, it would be able to tell you on command your latest blood sugar, your last bolus, your current basal rate, your plans for the day, and even suggest where you should go have dinner and drinks with your friends.


  1. The photo recognition would be awesome and certainly make life a lot easier. It would probably be helpful if just with a picture it could calculate how much pasta is in the bowl as well!

  2. Are you sure there's not an app for that? :) Maybe you should get to work on one, sounds wonderful!

  3. Are you sure there's not an app for that? : ) In all seriousness, it sounds amazing!


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