Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Blogger: Bobbi-Jo Asher

Laila. Cute. Feisty. Smart. Sassy. Silly. Beautiful. Spunky. Independent. Courageous and…Diabetic. 

All of these words clearly describe Laila. All of these words but one define her. Laila refuses to be defined by her diabetes. 

We moved to Maricopa last summer and had the pleasure of meeting Joli and her family right away. I’m proud to call her a friend and grateful she shares her three wonderful children with my family. 

Recently, we were going out horseback riding for the afternoon and invited Laila along. This would be the longest Laila would be in my care since I’ve known her and though I didn’t think twice about inviting her, I was scared. I doubt she was scared for a second. So many “what ifs” go through your mind when caring for a child that could be perfectly fine one moment and crashing the next. She rode and rode and played and played and finally approached me and said, “I think I should drink my juice.” Sure enough, she checked and she was low. I WISH I were that in tune with my body. She drank her juice, had a snack and in an instant, felt 100% better.

There are times I forget that Laila has diabetes. I don’t forget because I don’t care. I forget because she manages it so well and is just plain and simply Laila. She doesn’t act like the poor little diabetic girl and her momma certainly doesn’t treat her like one. This is clearly evidence of their outstanding characters. Joli with the support of her husband Dustin have treated Laila like any other kid. What makes her special is her sweet, loving personality. NOT THE FACT THAT SHE HAS DIABETES.