Saturday, June 30, 2012

Traveling With Diabetes

Our family vacation this summer was a planned two week trip to Michigan. We had spent weeks dreaming of the sand between our toes, the sunshine on our faces, and the company of friends and family. I knew this vacation was much more than that, it was a liberating moment for all of us. Since Laila's diagnosis, we've only traveled a few hours away at best, and always comfortable with our surroundings. This trip wasn't merely a hop, skip, and jump away-it was a plane ride and a few hours in the car, if you ask me, it felt like a lifetime. 

Packing for the trip was tedious, five people, two weeks, it was no easy feat. I made list after list of the things I would need, and I still wasn't convinced I brought everything. Packing Laila's supplies made me so nervous, I am always second guessing myself. I knew in the back of my mind I had everything, but as a mother, there's no emergency you can leave the house not prepared for. Especially when you're the parent of a Type 1 diabetic. 

In preparation for the trip, I researched the guidelines for carrying supplies such as needles, insulin, and what Laila would do with her insulin pump while going through security. I had planned on taking everything with us on the plane, my carry-on bag was large enough to hold all of her supplies, there was no way I was letting any of her things out of my sight.

Call me neurotic, but I wasn't going to leave this state until I knew I was, at best, prepared. I packed enough insulin and pump site changes for one per day, even though she changes once every third day. I brought an extra insulin pen, syringes, and ketone strips. I had no idea what the next two weeks would bring, and I was ready!

The flight out wasn't difficult; despite the large airport, they were very accommodating to our needs. We explained Laila's condition before going through any security devices, checked her sugar before getting on the plane, and even achieved "preboarding" status due to a few toothless smiles! The flight home was a much smaller plane, and seemed to go even better than planned. Security was a breeze, the flight was uneventful, and before we knew it we were on the ground, safe and sound.

Now that the trip is behind us, I'm pleased to say we endured no serious troubles. I didn't use even a third of the supplies I packed, but as a mother, you can never be too sure.


  1. I am glad that they didn't give you any issues with anything! Sounds like everything went smoothly and you had fun!

  2. What a whole new packing adventure. Glad it all went well. Go Momma!


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