Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday, Laila and I made chocolate chip cookies together! There's something special to be said about baking with your kids, it might be messy, but it sure is fun! Laila's here to update you all on the afternoon we spent together-enjoy her post!

I was eating the chocolate on the rack where you put the warm cookies at.

I was about to eat the cookies! They smelled so good!
I wanted to eat all the cookies!

I was smiling with the cookies. They look so good!
They are called chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies are so good!
I was helping my mommy move the cookies over to the other rack without the white paper.

Peek-a-boo! I was smiling with the cookies next to them.

I was faking it like eating all those cookies on that plate.
Do you like chocolate chip cookies? With milk? I do! I like chocolate chip cookies with milk, do you? I can eat them like everyone else, as long as I have my insulin! I need an extra mosquito bite, but that's okay. My mommy makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

Laila and Mommy


  1. This is very sweet :) Thanks for posting this Laila..maybe you can send me some cookies all the way to Michigan..I bet they're the best!

  2. Those cookies look awesome!! I'm glad you enjoyed baking with your mom. I love chocolate chip cookies with milk!!

  3. Its great to see you both enjoying such an important part of being a little girl... baking with Mommy! Great blog ladies!

  4. Hi! just wanted to say that I love your blog. I blog at we are both featured this month at d-mom blog! take care. jennifer

  5. (A) What a doll, and (B) they look delicious!


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