Friday, April 15, 2011

On The Rise

Yesterday was quite a day. Laila's "pen" ran out of insulin at school right at lunch time, so she only received part of her dose. Thank goodness she didn't eat everything on her plate, and by snack time her sugar was right at 171, just how I like it. I dropped the new insulin off to the school nurse and went on about my way. Michelle (my first guest blogger!!) picked Laila up from school and kept her for the evening. For some reason, Laila's sugars were creeping higher and higher yesterday, making me a nervous wreck. Our other kids have been under the weather, and when Laila is sick, she's supposed to check every 2 hours. This is what her afternoon looked like.




8:32pm retest
After many failed attempts to bring her sugar down, I finally just gave Laila a correction, and her Lantus and sent her to bed. I promised to check her sugar again in a few hours, and when I did, I could hardly believe my eyes.
 I have never seen a sugar this low before, so I just smiled at her and asked her if she was thirsty. I poured her a cup of juice, and while we were chatting, Dustin arrived home from work. Laila was thrilled to see him, and even more excited to find he brought food! Chicken strips and curly fries made her night! She stayed up and was able to spend some alone time with mommy and daddy, and felt much, much better.
Finally, peace of mind. Off to bed for everyone, and high hopes for a better tomorrow.


  1. What a day (in numbers)! Whew!

  2. What a rollercoaster you were on, Laila! What a lucky girl you are to have a Mommy who takes such good care of you and a Daddy to bring you yummy food :-) High five girlie!

  3. awe baby girl. I am glad your feeling better. Dont like to see your numbers all over the place like that. I know your mommy doesnt either. I am so glad you have a good mommy to stay up on top of it all.


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