Monday, April 18, 2011

It Happened Again

Yesterday was an amazing family day-Sundays usually are. My sweet husband, he works so much we're lucky to spend one full day together each week. He's constantly rushing off to work, picking up overtime as often as he can. We made a trip out to Sam's Club-one of Laila's favorite things to do-and started off our afternoon. I'm assuming it's the free samples, maybe it's the fact that she gets to walk while the other kids ride in the cart, or it could simply be the family time she enjoys.

After our shopping trips, we almost always grab lunch. Laila gets to pick the place, and this time she picked Applebees! What a treat for all of us! Things were going smoothly, Laila ordered her lunch and in the mean time, we asked the server for a nutrition guide. It's been quite some time since we've been out to a sit down restaurant, the last time we went to dinner and took Laila it wasn't exactly pleasant (read about it here ). The server was super polite and found the guide for me right away. Naturally, the item Laila ordered was new and wasn't yet on the menu, and my trusty Calorie King book didn't have much listed in it either. I had a feeling Laila wouldn't just eat what we ordered for her, but she would help herself to what Dustin and I ordered too.

Laila loves mozzarella sticks, I had a feeling her little sneaky hand would make its way over to Dustin's plate before it made it down on the table, and since he ordered the appetizer sampler, each item needed to be accounted for. I looked it up on the nutrition guide, and it was just one big, fat number. Darn. On our way to the bathroom, I stopped our waitress to ask how many mozzarella sticks came in a regular order, so I could figure out how many carbs to account for if she only ate one. She asked around and the consensus was eight-easy enough. I explained I needed to know the number in the basket because the sampler had less, and I only needed to account for one. Her response? Dieting sure is rough, isn't it?

I smiled and politely let her know it wasn't for me, and I wasn't dieting. But thank you. Laila said it was for her, and I explained she's a diabetic. Again, another ghastly response-Oh no! Are you serious? I'm so sorry! No, I'm not serious. I'm making it up.I enjoy poking my daughter 6+ times a day, I love counting carbohydrates, and the sleepless nights? can't get enough of those either. It really makes me ill, I understand people are uneducated, but please, think about what you're saying before you say it. Your kind words may really be disrespectful, or even hurtful. My only hope is to keep educating, continuing to spread the word, and maybe one day, we won't get the dreadful stares, the not-so-quiet whispers, and the fake condolences. Until then, wish me luck, it's going to be a long, bumpy ride.


  1. I'm right with you EDUCATION! "Are you serious?" Like that's something you just go around saying for the HEY of it! I'm sorry people aren't educated and make you guys feel uncomfortable. Way to go on being a great counter though :)

    (and super yeahs for a fun family day out)!

  2. What I wish is people would stop making comments in general. why even question why you need the guide. Is it any of there business. And she could have said. While this is none of my business just curious on why you need the guide. Hence let the education experience commence. People just open mouth insert foot. I have always taught my children if they are curious why someone has an issue or a disability dont stair or be like oh I am so sorry. Asking why is an education experience. I always hate it when I get the stairs and the oh I am so sorry comment for Ben's Autism. So I can relate. Wonders maybe next time Laila can ask for the nutrition guide and then she can educate people and teach them she can eat and be a normal kid. Love you Laila

  3. Hi Laila! Those Mozzerella sticks are my favorite too! They look yummy :D Use every chance you get to educate people, make them more aware so they dont have to ask "dumb questions". When people ask my sons why they look different, they simply say "I was born this way." You were born with this so you could enlitten others with your education! Hugs Laila! <3


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