Friday, April 8, 2011

Low Sugars

Today was such a great day, Laila played "hooky" from school and got to enjoy a family day with mommy, daddy, and little sister Kenadi. The 4 of us went to see Disney on Ice: Princess Classics! We had a great time, indulging in everything the place had to offer-hot dogs, snow cones, and popcorn!
Laila's sugar was under control this morning, below 150 right where we like it, so I was confident it would be a good day. Since she was so hungry, we checked her sugar before letting her have a feeding frenzy, only to find it was well over 350! I had a feeling this might happen, when she's excited or nervous, it spikes and creates a false high. I corrected, covered her carbohydrates, and on we went. After the show was over, we checked again. Believe it or not, she was hungry again! I was surprised to find another high sugar, I thought by the afternoon it would have dropped. Again, we corrected, covered carbohydrates, and went on our way.

After arriving home, we were all so exhausted we took a nap, but not until after Laila had a snack, of course! A sugar-free jello, lunch meat, deli cheese, and beef jerkey. When we woke up, she was feeling a bit shakey and sluggish, and she thought she might be low. Boy, was she right!

That is my low sugar. See my juice?

My juice helps me feel so much better.

I'm drinking my juice and watching the movie called Frances.

I finished my juice! And then put it on the table so mommy can put it in the garbage.

That is my empty juice. That is me on the table not feeling good yet.

I feel much better now. When I drink juice I feel much better.
When my sugars are very low, I have a little milkshake or a juice. It helps me feel so much better. It brings up my sugar to a good number. When my sugars are low, I feel shaky and my head hurts sometimes, too. After I drink my juice, I feel much better. I don't feel shaky when I'm perfect. But sometimes when I'm very high, I feel shaky and sometimes have a headache. When I feel this way, I have to check my sugar so we can fix it.

Thank you for reading my blog today! Love, Laila Bug


  1. Hi Laila! Im so glad you had a great time at your special date with your family! It sounds like a great day. What a lucky girl you are. Thanks for taking time to write today :-)

  2. That poor thing, she looked so miserable drinking her juice. Glad you all had a good day out though, sounds like a blast! LOVE IT! Keep on posting Sweet Laila!

  3. Joli and Laila, I love that you guys are doing this! What a great way to teach people about Diabetes.

  4. Precious Wee PiggiesApril 8, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    Ahh hunny, so sorry your sugar was so low...that is really low. But I am glad the juice worked. I am also happy to hear you had a fun day today...wish I could play "hooky". Love you...maybe you can come over next week and play? Have a great weekend.
    Love Michelle

  5. I am so glad Laila you had a great day. Little D has fun with me as well. You have a good mommy that takes good care of you and your such a smart little girl. Love you baby girl.


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