Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation (Where's Laila?)

Everyone knows the classic books, "Where's Waldo?" I think it's time to play, "Where's Laila?" Everyone knows Diabetes is a silent illness, it's hard to pick out of a crowd. Good luck finding the diabetic in this graudation ceremony!
I'm right between a kid in Ms. Duffy's class and Ms. Ibarra's class!

See me smiling? :)

When I was a baby, a baby, a baby...when I was a baby, I went like this:
I went goo this way and goo that way...

Can you find Laila?
Do you see me in my team Ms. McAulay's shirt on Tuesday in these pictures? This was my Kindergarten Graduation! I have been promoted to first grade when school starts again! I had so much fun in Ms. McAulay's class this year and I learned lots of things. I love going to school but I'm happy I get to sleep in now. Do you like to go to school or sleep in like me? That's all I want to say for now.

Laila Bug

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  1. awe love you laila. Ben is happy to go into 1st grade as well


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