Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diabetes Bracelet

When Laila was first diagnosed, the hospital gave her this really obnoxious looking necklace to wear stating "I HAVE DIABETES CHECK MY SUGAR BEFORE TREATING ME". I understand the usefulness of it, however, it was cheap. And tacky. Cheap and tacky don't mesh well with a 5 year old diva, so we had to change that. Lucky for me, she's not such a prima dona that I had to order the expensive bracelet that costs an arm and a leg, though for what it's worth, I'd pay any amount of money. Knowing she has identification on at all times for her diabetes is going to help me rest easier at night and make my days a lot less stressful. Knowing the case of an accident or separation, her diabetes will be identified before anyone treats her or gives her anything to eat or drink is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. As a mother, I want to protect her from everything, all the time, even if I'm not with her. This is a step in the right direciton, it might not seem like I'm protecting her from much by buying her these little bracelets, but these bracelets could save her life one day.

Laila's package arrived in the mail, and she was very excited to open it! We ordered two colors, pink and purple, her favorites. Even though they're a size small, they're so loose on her slender little arms. Really brings me back to reality sometimes how small and fragile she still is. Fragile, maybe, but beautiful. And mine.

Laila's here to tell you a bit about her new bracelets! She's very excited, she even asked we take a few pictures!

<><> <><> <><>
This is my hot pink bracelet! It says DIABETIC on it. Can you see it?

See me taking a nap? I was really tired because I went to cheer today after lunch.
I had a great lunch. I had McDonalds!

I wear my purple and pink bracelets every single day.
Even at night in bed and in the shower.

See my purple and hot pink bracelets?
My purple one says DIABETIC and my hot pink one says DIABETIC.

These are my bracelets. They tell you that I have diabetes.
These are so you know that you have to check my sugar before you feed me
or give me any medicine.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Love, Laila Bug


  1. SO SWEET! I love them. I love the peace of mind it gives you too (both of you)! Laila, you're amazing and wonderful (pink & purple look good on you, great color choices)!


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