Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Donations!

My heart can't thank those enough who have donated money to Laila for JDRF, it's amazing the generosity people have provided. More so than the money, the kind words fill my heart with love. Here are 2 more notes I received with donations, each one as special as the last.

Laila, Aunty Brandi is so proud of you! You are going to be the one to make a difference in your life nad most definitely someone else's. Your selflessness is God's light shining through you. Go get that cure!xoxoxo Love always, Aunty Brandi

Dear Laila, Please accept this towards your goal to help Diabetes Research. I pray for you all the time and I am so thrilled to see how well you constantly overcome the challenges you face. Please know you are surrounded by lots of people who love you and think you are AWESOME! Love you sweetie (From Ashley Krupnik)

Thanks to everyone's amazing support, Laila has already DOUBLED her original goal of $50, exceeding her newest goal of $100 for diabetes research!! We have decided to try and double that goal, setting our sights high at $200! In my eyes, Laila can do anything she sets her mind to, this included. Keep the donations coming, every dollar, hug, kind thought and prayer is appreciated.

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