Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pump Change

Laila has to change her insulin pump ever 3 days, which is a huge improvement from the 7-10 shots she was receiving each day! This is just a single poke, which inserts a plastic cannula under the skin that stays in place and administers insulin on a constant basis.

We try our best to change Laila's site around the same time of day each time we change it, if we wait too long, her sugar spikes and she feels sick. Laila is here to tell you the steps she goes through each time we attach a new site.

My sugar was too high, and my tummy was hurting.
These are some of the supplies I use to change my site.

I am cleaning my insulin pen.

I am putting insulin in my reservoir. 

I hold it up and down like this to keep air bubbles out.

I am flicking the reservoir to get the air bubbles out. 

I am checking to see the insulin at the top.

This is my reservoir. It holds enough insulin for 3 days.

I am putting the reservoir in my insulin pump.

I am filling the tubing and waiting for drops at the end. 

Once there are drops at the end of the Mio, I am ready.

My mio is prepared and I am ready to attach it. 
I am cleaning my leg to prevent germs. 

I squeeze the sides of my Mio and it snaps into place.
It only hurts for a second.

This is my Mio on my leg. I almost always wear them on my legs.
Sometimes I wear them on my arms.

Here I am filling my cannula.
That is the little plastic piece that stays in my skin.

That is the big needle I poke myself with. It is scary.

This is where I keep my pump. Right in my back pocket!
You can't even tell I am wearing it!

This is my diabetes necklace.
I wear it so people know I have diabetes in case I get sick.
I am posing to show you that I'm cute.
Can you tell I have diabetes?

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  1. Laila, you are an amazing little girl. I much enjoyed you sharing your pump with us. You are such a little cutie. You just keep being great! Love you!

  2. What a brave little girl!!!! I had to wear a pump like that for a couple of months when I was pregnant and I cried like a baby every time I had to do it! Laila, your an amazing and beautiful little girl!!!!

  3. Laila!!! You are such a little rock star! I know people much older than you that have diabetes and you are much braver than them! I'm super duper proud of you! xxoxoo


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