Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Every day is the first day of the rest of our lives. This afternoon, Laila spotted a package on our doorstep when we arrived home from school. It was addressed to her, so it must be good! We were so thrilled to open it, we could hardly sustain our excitement. Funny what gets us riled up these days...

3 months supply of syringes, pen needles, and Ketone strips!
Laila and I have agreed this blog isn't just about me, and it isn't just about her, so we need to come to an agreement on how it's going to go. She's old enough to read and write, but her spelling is still limited and slows her down. Today's post is going to be brought to you from Laila herself, narrated with photos along the way. Just a little glimpse into the daily life of this Sweet Child of Mine!

This is my supplies to check my sugar and give me my insulin. My purple meter is purple just how I like it.

I'm checking my sugar. This is how I check it. It does not hurt when I poke my self.

See me check my sugar? I can do all of it by myself. It takes my blood and tells us what my sugar is.

See my high sugar? When my sugar is this high I need insulin. I feel shaky when I am high and low.

I can do my shots all by myself. Do you see that picture of me giving me my shot?

When I get my insulin I feel much better. My shots do not hurt.

After my insulin I start eating! Today I had a huge honeybun and a treat from Sonic! And we got me a Coke Zero, too.

The honeybun was so good! My lips were a mess!
Life with diabetes is no different than life without diabetes. I have friends, I go to school, and I can still eat the same things I did before I had it like honeybuns, bacon (which is free), breakfast muffins, fruit snacks, and chinese. I just have insulin now so I don't feel sleepy and sick anymore.

Thank you everyone who reads mine and my mommy's blog!


  1. Laila, You did a great job on your first post! I loved all the pictures and especially the big honey bun! Awesome job and a big high five!

  2. Laila I am so proud of you for being able to do your own shots like a big girl! Not many kids I know would be able to just give themselves a shot. It takes a lot of courage, which you show everyday when you do that. You make your mommy proud being such a big girl!

  3. Tears. What a darling little girl! I LOVE how she doesn't see her self and her life as different. She has such a positive attitude. The shots don't hurt.

    I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Jerimiah and had 3 months of poking my finger and tracking my numbers and I was tired by the end of the 3 months. GO LAILA! You are strong and are such a blessing to your family!

  4. What a brave little girl you are Laila! Much more brave than I would be to poke myself everday! I think you are amazing, and so adorable! Keep smiling cute girl! :)

  5. There is my Honey Buns....Laila you did a great job on your first blog. Your such a big girl. Love you baby girl.

  6. Laila, you are so brave!! God bless you!

  7. Laila!!! You are a PRO!!!! There isn't anything you can't do! xoxo

  8. I guess seeing those pictures made Laila's diabetes real to me. It brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome big kid she has turned out to be! A little thing like diabetes isn't gonna get the best of her! I'm SO proud of you Laila, and of your Mommy & Daddy too! Hugs & kisses from Michigan! Love you, Aunt Kim : )

    p.s. You've got one up on me, you can write a blog and I can't even figure out how to properly comment on one!


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