Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guest Blogger: Barbara Fox

Laila moved away when she was just a baby, I have not seen her in years until this summer. And she has turned out to be a beautiful, brave 6 year old that makes us all proud. When I learned that Laila was diagnosed with diabetes, I worried as all mothers and grandparents do, but then I knew her would take good care of her and learn all there was to learn about this messed up desease. When Laila and her family came to visit and Laila had to check her sugar, she did it like a pro! It did, however, bother me to have to watch this young lady do it. For a child of six shouldn't have this burden. I then watched her play with the other kids and do everthing they did, it is so cool that she don't let this hold her back. Then I saw her playing with Jazmine(my grandaughter/daughter), Jazmine pointed to her insulin pump and asked what it was. Laila didn't answer her, she just pulled her shirt down over it to hide it. I felt a crack in my heart because I wonder how many times she will do that in her young life. I worry about things like that for Laila, but the desease itself I don't, because her loving mom has got this! I don't know that much about diabetes, but then again I don't have to, her parents have all of that covered, and what great parents they are. Laila is bright, loving and has a smile that will brighten any darkness. She is independant but yet a normal acting child. She knows that life isn't always beautiful and when she her tears fall, her mother will be there to wipe them dry. Laila's strong personality and independance is a beautiful relection of her parents. Joli will try to give me credit on how she is as a mother, I don't like or want to take credit, all I did for her was be there, now I will always be here for her and her children. I sure hope I did the guest blogging right, if not, I hope it will show how I feel about Joli and her family.

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  1. Barbara/Joli/Laila,
    I was diagnosed at 20 months, had a pump for around 15 yrs and am now 24... When I was a little older than Laila I got my first pump (before they were the "cool" treatment) and got a lot of questions from kids and grown-ups a like, I started telling people "it's my pancreas, I wear it on my outside because I'm too cool to keep it on my inside!" I still laugh at myself for this today... apparently I was Sassy even then!
    Any who, your nail polish give away led me hear and as an all-my-life diabetic turned nurse. I like to share my what I've learned over the years with kids and their families and hopefully it can help you all!
    Best wishes,


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